Staying in shape is easy.

Here’s the thing. The nearest Metro Stations, three of them, are so close, you won’t get much exercise going to work unless you walk all the way there.

Fortunately, the Yale Steam Laundry building has a complete gym where you can work out anytime, 24 hours a day.

And there’s a lap pool on the roof of the original (historic) building that you can see from the window next to the elevators on the ninth floor, although it’s too far away and not deep enough to dive there. You’ll need to take the elevator.


For those of you who don’t like to perspire while you exercise because, what’s the point, sweating just makes you thirsty, there are also pool tables.

And on a beautiful Saturday or Sunday, you’ll walk to any of the restaurants nearby and even a little farther away, and work off lunch before you eat it. Washington’s a great town for walking around.

Oh, and there is a bike sharing station nearby in case you don’t own one of your own, a bike that is.  Good exercise.

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