Reasons To Live In A Studio Apartment – And This One In Particular

Studio apartments are great, especially my Apt. 911. “Why’s that?” Well, let’s see. Just off the top of my head…

1.  For one thing, they’re easier to clean than one and two bedroom apartments.

2.  If you forget your address, tell the authorities that you live in an extremely rare corner studio apartment with a balcony and nearly floor-to-ceiling windows on two sides. I’m pretty sure there are only 7 like that in the city and they’re all in the same building, the Yale Steam Laundry Condominiums.

3.  It’s easier to find your keys and that missing argyle sock than if you rented, let’s say, a two bedroom.

4.  Your electric bill is lower. No kidding. It averages only $50 per month. Even less if you eat every meal out and never use the stove or oven.

5.  If you stand in the right place, you can go from room to room just by turning around. …Just kidding. In fact, Apt. 911 is remarkably spacious in a very efficient way.

6.  When your parents or boy/girlfriend buzz you, unexpectedly, from downstairs, it only takes seconds to straighten up. The custom closets I’ve installed (in every closet!) have plenty of room to stash stuff in a hurry – and the sliding glass panel wall that I added will hide the bed you never made and give you privacy when your college buddy has the need to stay overnight on the couch.

I even made the bedroom closet bigger! and replaced the usual, boring stacked washer/dryer with a single unit that, amazingly, does both – washes and then dries, that is – freeing up space above it for more custom cabinets. I put a matching kitchen cabinet and counter against the 4th Street wall of the kitchen. And I had custom shelving built into the apartment’s entry way. …You know, I should do this for a living.

7.  You can watch TV in your bedroom without actually having a TV in the bedroom.

8.  No pretense. Yes, you can spend more rent for a larger one or two bedroom unit, but in Apt. 911 you’re not wasting money for space you may not really need.

9.  You’ll be living in a building above your means, sort of. Seriously. Ask yourself this: “Would I rather spend $1,895/month to live in one of the larger units in your building, or come home to a beautiful 9th floor, corner studio apartment in the Yale Steam Laundry Condominiums?” Renting a really nice studio in a building of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units is like moving into a neighborhood filled with nice people who make more money than you do and where, possibly, you couldn’t otherwise afford to live.

10.  If you’re into cooking, the kitchen is full-size and very nice. So is the bathroom.

11.  Fewer lightbulbs to change. Just another way that living in Apt. 911 saves you money – in addition to the programmable, Internet accessible thermostat.

12.  There’s so much sunlight coming into this corner apartment that there aren’t many plants you can’t grow here, although watering them occasionally helps, so I’ve learned from personal experience.

13.  You’re so conveniently located to the best carryout food in the city, you don’t have to tip the delivery guy as much. And you can leave later to wherever you’re going and still get there on time.

Sunny. Affordable. In-building parking. Full-size kitchen and bath, with custom closets and other upgrades throughout for easy, comfortable, convenient living in a great downtown neighborhood.

Very nice.

Here now is a Gallery Of The Improvements I’ve made to Apt. 911…

I replaced the usual stacked washer/dryer with single unit that does both, freeing up the air space above it for more shelves…

Apt 911 Bathroom Closet IMG_3737








…more shelves like these below.

Apt 911 Bathroom Closet IMG_3735








In the bedroom, where you see the two sliding closet doors… 

Apt 911 Bedroom Closet IMG_3691








I installed custom shelving on the left…

Apt 911 Bedroom Closet IMG_3694








…and on the right. And notice that the closet now goes floor to ceiling. The original doors were not full height, making it very difficult for you to access the top closet shelf. Not anymore.

Apt 911 Bedroom Closet IMG_3697








Custom closet in the hallway.

Apt 911 Closet Full Shot








And new built-in shelving in the entryway, on the left.

Apt 911 Entry IMG_3617








Here’s a closeup of the same shelves with cabinets on the bottom.

Apt 911 Entry Custom Shelves IMG_3611








This next shot is of the left two of the three glass panels that slide closed to separate the bedroom from the living room.

Apt 911 Sliding Doors Closed IMG_3678








Here’s a picture of all three panels – frosted on the bottom for privacy, clear on the top to let light through and open up the apartment.  (That flash you see is the reflection of me taking the picture.) 

Apt 911 Sliding Doors Closed IMG_3679








And here are the right two-panels. 

Apt 911 Sliding Doors Closed IMG_3682








Last one… Notice how the cabinet and counter I added, just to the right of the window, match the kitchen perfectly?

CL3 - Apt 911 Kitchen IMG_3640

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