The Apartment

This is a really beautiful place to live, so nice in fact that a few amateur pictures hardly do it justice, but I’ll give it a shot. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to make an appointment to see the real thing.  The “real thing,” by the way, is a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind corner studio apartment with nearly floor-to-ceiling windows on two sides (because it’s a corner!) and a balcony with a 9th floor view of the city.

Before we get started, it’s probably a good idea for you to print the floor plan if you haven’t already.  The floor plan will help you understand where I was standing when I took a particular picture.

Keep in mind that the floor plan you’re seeing is the original that the building architect drew.  It shows furniture that doesn’t reflect how you might use the space.  And it doesn’t show the 3-panel, frosted glass wall I’ve installed that allows you to close off the bedroom area if it’s messy or if you need the privacy.

Apt 911 Original Floor Plan


The right side of the apartment face east, running along 4th Street NW.  Apt. 911 is the fourth set of windows down on the right edge.  The windows appear dark when this picture was taken because the blinds were up.

CL2 - Apt 911 Side Exterior IMG_3528


The balcony and windows across the top face north. Apt. 911 is the fourth balcony down along the left edge of the building.

CL1 - Apt 911 Exterior Rear IMG_3530


Here’s what the door looks like. Welcome to your new apartment.

CL9 - Apt 911 9th Floor Hallway IMG_3759


Once inside, the bathroom door is to your right, closets to your left. Straight ahead is the kitchen with the living room behind it.

Apt 911 Hallway IMG_3622


In this next shot, with your back to the hallway from the front door, you’re looking over the kitchen counter out the windows along 4th Street.

CL6 - Apt 911 View Out Living Room Window IMG_3659


Turning left, what you see now is the corner of the apartment. To the right of the HDTV is 4th Street. To the left, the north-facing windows that include the double doors to the balcony.

CL4 - Apt 911 Living Room From Bedroom IMG_3716


Here’s just one view off the balcony.

CL7 - Apt 911 View Off Balcony IMG_3574


And here’s what the balcony looks like from inside the apartment with both doors open. There’s a lot of light coming in which is why the apartment seems dark inside.

Apt 911 Balcony Doors Open


With your back to the balcony doors, here’s what the bedroom looks like.  That’s one of the two sliding closet doors that you see to the left of the bed.

Apt 911 Bedroom IMG_3685


Continuing to turn left, you’re now looking from the kitchen, past the glass panels which are open, into the bedroom area.

CL8 - Apt 911 View Into Bedroom IMG_3669


This is what the kitchen looks like viewed from the bedroom.

Apt 911 Kitchen From Bedroom IMG_3706


Moving closer to the kitchen, facing the microwave/stove/oven and the refrigerator.

CL3 - Apt 911 Kitchen IMG_3640


From this point of view, you can see the dishwasher to the left of the sink.

CL10 - Apt 911 Kitchen IMG_3641


And here’s a glimpse of the bathroom in case you need to go before you leave – but with everything so conveniently located, you’ll be wherever you’re going before you know it. The shower/tub is to the left, just off camera.  The LG combination washer-dryer is inside a closet inside the bathroom to the right of the sink.

Apt 911 Bathroom IMG_3742


Keep in mind that I’m no professional photographer. The actual apartment is a lot sharper, a lot more sunny than my amateur picture-taking can convey. Best bet? Make an appointment to see for yourself.

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