The Neighborhood

I used to live in Apt. 911, in the building and in the greater neighborhood.  I liked it a lot. I felt safe and I loved the convenience of being a short walk or Metro ride to everything.

I didn’t own or need a car. (If you do, remember that I have 2 parking spaces in the building that I can rent you, subject to availability. Press the “Rent, Terms & Conditions” menu button for details.) When I need to go someplace that’s too far to walk, I used Uber/Lyft or one of the convenient shared car rental services that has cars parked nearby. There’s even a Capital Bikeshare rack if you like to ride and don’t own a bike of your own.

And do you know what I really liked? It’s that there’s a new 24 hour Safeway a block away.

Here’s what a “bike share” rack looks like if you’re new to the concept. Go to for details.

There’s a Metro Station (our subway system), the Mt. Vernon Square/Convention Center station, just three blocks away. And two more within an easy half-mile walk.

Use the link below to see a Google street map that shows our location relative to the downtown. This is a good place to live. I don’t know where you work, where you like to go out to eat or what you like to do in your spare time, if you have any, but the likelihood is that it’s easy to get there from Apt. 911.

Google Street Map For Apt. 911

It’s so easy to get around, to go places anywhere in the city. Even so, I like the idea that, when I just want to relax with some friends without making a big deal about it, just as few blocks away, in and around Chinatown, are all the shops, restaurants, culture and entertainment I need.

You know about the Safeway, just a block down New York Avenue. In that same building, just around the corner, there’s a Chipotle. It’s just fast food, but I like their burrito bowls. (What can I tell you?) And a two-story Ace Hardware that has come in very handy.

Depending upon how hungry I am and who I’m trying to impress, there’s a range of places to eat, from burgers to haute cuisine and beer to fine wine, that you won’t find anywhere else in the city.

There’s a Legal Seafood, Clyde’s and other such places for when your parents visit and insist on taking you out to lunch at a place they pick – or for the occasional business dinner.

The Clyde’s is across 7th Avenue, next to the movie theaters.

More to the point, there are tons of other great places to eat – all of them within easy walking distance – to meet with friends or bring some mmm-mm delicious carry-out back to Apt. 911 to watch the Caps, Redskins, Nationals or your own personal guilty pleasure.

Apt 1202 - Restaurant Collage

Oh, what heck, here just a few more…  Just click on one of the collages and blow it up to see the individual restaurants better.  Or…  Or you could rent Apt. 911 and just walk a few blocks to see all these great places to eat for yourself!

Hungry yet? Worried that, if you rent Apt. 911, with all this good food so close, you’ll put on a few pounds?  …Now you know why the building has a gym with all that equipment.  Or you can stop by one of these places in the fitness collage (below) on your way for one of Ray’s Hell Burgers.

A little culture never hurts.

But then I wouldn’t want to overdo it.

At night, after a tough day at the office, there’s still time to buy stuff.

Maybe meet friends for a Capitals game.

Or some movie. I try to pick the ones where we can talk during the show, and no one cares because their too busy talking.

Or maybe just walk around…

..until we get hungry.

Someplace we can talk for while even after we’re done eating, pick at each other’s food until our beer’s gone flat.  Good news…  There’s Silo, Chipotle, Starbucks, Sweetgreen, Kushi, Mandu and Busboys within just a few blocks of Apt. 911, just to name a few.

SILO Screen Shot 2015-05-01

You’ve got to know it’s about more than a few pictures.  There is so much more. It’s about community, old friends and new people I can only imagine and look forward to meeting some day. It’s about the intangibles. That said, it’s good to have so many tangibles nearby.

What to see even more?!  There’s so much more – great places to eat, shop and for sports, culture and just hanging out with your friends or making new ones.  There’s so much in fact that I had to squeeze it into five pages of pictures and that’s only a fraction of what’s in easy walking distance if you rent Apt. 911.  Here goes…  (Click on the pages to make them larger.)

000 Neighborhood Pictures Collage 1

000 Neighborhood Pictures Collage 2

000 Neighborhood Pictures Collage 3

000 Neighborhood Pictures Collage 4

000 Neighborhood Pictures Collage 5

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